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Python代写| CS代写 word search puzzle


The goal of this assignment is to get you started reading and writing Python code. You'll understand how to use existing code, call existing functions, write your own functions, and call functions you've written. This work is not harder than what you've been doing in your exercises, but it will take substantially longer, so start early. Make sure you read this entire document all the way through at least once before you start.

Word Search

A word search puzzle is a rectangular grid of letters that contains hidden words. In the word searches we

use here, words can be hidden in one of four directions:

 left-to-right (horizontal forwards)

 right-to-left (horizontal backwards)

 top-to-bottom (vertical starting from the top)

 bottom-to-top (vertical starting from the bottom)

The rst two of these directions are in the horizontal dimension, and the second two are in the vertical dimension.


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