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Python代写|机器学习代写 Asteroid


This project asks you to track a collection of moving asteroids and: • estimate their future location • pilot a craft around them to a goal location

The asteroid field

The asteroids travel in a square with corners (-1,-1) and (1,1). Asteroids outside of the bounding box are considered "out of play" for the moment. Time is delimited in discrete steps (t=0,1,2,... ), and the asteroid's XY location is determined by quadratic equations in time:

Each asteroid's motion can be modeled using x, y, dx, dy, ddx, ddy, similar to the models explored in the lectures. After drifting outside of the bounding box, most asteroids never return, but a few (<5%) reemerge onto the field later.

Student submission

Your work on this project is to implement the class Pilot in the pilot .py file. The Pilot class must implement three methods: • observe_asteroids: called once per time step, informing the pilot of the latest asteroid measurements. Measurements will include Gaussian noise. Only asteroids currently in the field are measured. • estimate_asteroid_locs: predict the locations of asteroids in the time step after the latest observation. • next_move: given the craft's current state (and previously obtained asteroid observations), choose the next move for the craft to execute.


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